1098 With DP Termi Titanium ‘homologated’ muffler kit - Written May 07

The first 1098 I’ve had on the dyno, this bike was in for its 1,000km service and a titanium muffler kit.  This kit comprises titanium mufflers with catalytic converters in them, air filters and ECU.  The reason the ‘homologated’ kit is only available in titanium is because the massive heat the catalytic converters generate would cook carbon fibre very quickly.  If you look into the ends of the mufflers all you can see are catalytic converters.  Not sure how much better the non catalytic convertor carbon fibre ones will work.

On the dyno with the mufflers fitted there was a short blue flame out the back on overrun and looking down into the mufflers the cats were that almost translucent red colour.  Very hot.  Should look way cool at night.

So to the before and after.  Green all std, red kit fitted.  Peak power surprised me on how little of it there was, as did the midrange hole.  First up is power, then torque and air/fuel.

Next we’ll compare it to our last 999 demo – the ’05 base model that had the S cams as std.  To be fair here, the 999 had around 6,000km on the clock, so it may have made comparatively a bit more with its age.  Green is all std 1098, red all std ’05 999.  1098 midrange hole is more apparent with this graph.

Finally we’ll compare the after result to a 998S and 999S, both of which have had the cam timing reset.  The 998S has a Termi 50mm system, the 999S a Termi 57mm full system.  Green is 1098, red is 998S, blue 999S.

So I’m a bit surprised by the 1098 power wise.  Not sure why it has such a large midrange hole either.  Maybe the carbon slip on muffler kit or the bigger full systems might tell us more.

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