Ducati 916/996 SPS

The biggest and baddest of the range ( the 916 SPS engine is also 996 cc ), these engines are also one of the most responsive to simple mods. With increases of up to 6 hp in the mid range the results are most obvious. The light rotating weight of these engines helps a lot too. This particular bike will slowly lift the front wheel off the ground on a full throttle roll on in second gear with no provocation ( and std gearing ). And I just love that.

The curve shown below is of a std 916 SPS ( green ) with an FIM eprom and the Termi mufflers that come with the bike fitted, and the same bike with the cams dialed in ( red ).

(dyno graph courtesy of DYNOBIKE, (03) 9553 0018)

Using the same procedure as the other 4 valves, simply dialing in the cam timing to our chosen specs and adding an FIM eprom with modified fueling gives great rewards. Increased fuel economy was another bonus reported by one owner. Combined with a 14 tooth front sprocket and the standard lighter weight engine internals of the SPS, these things are absolute rockets on the road. A lightweight flywheel simply adds chaos to the mayhem ( and can do a similar thing to the low speed rideability ). What one of these does to my brain is truly a wonderfully scary thing.

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