MV F4 1000  Base runs

Also referred to as the F5, the 1000 is the first modern Italian sports bike to go head to head with the Japanese competition of the same capacity.  There’s only two real points on which the MV varies – the first and obvious one being price, the second weight.  Although I’ve yet to see a magazine comparison that mentions anything about it being too heavy its claimed weight is 20kg up on an R1 for example.  Given the way the Japanese pursue weight reduction you’d think it would be noticeable how much heavier the MV is.

We have one of these on demo, and I’ve used it as transport a few times to get a bit of a feel for it and do some data logging.  Which is really a waste of time – it’ll wheelie past every speed limit in first and do 160km/h in second gear.  Its relevance in our government’s speed camera loving reality is somewhat lost on me, but life’s like that.  Using all the RPM range when you’re developing an eprom for something like this can be a tiring experience and not much fun at all.

But this did give me an excuse to go to the dyno to find out how much it made, and the answer was 155hp.  Adequate plus 50% as some would say.  Graph below shows the power and torque curves.  All std.

Next graphs will compare it to the 750 F4 and Brutale models.  The 1000 engine bike has proportionally more torque per litre than the 750 engines (about 5%), which is something we see with the Ducati twins also.  Not sure why.  F4 1000 in green, F4 750 in red and blue and Brutale in pink.  Power then torque.

Comparing it to some Ducati twins you can see just how strong this engine is.  Green is the F4 1000, red is a ’03 999, blue is a ’05 999 and pink is a played with 998S.  I don’t have any Japanese 1000 runs to compare it to – I’ll have to scare some up.

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