GT1000 with Ducati Performance Termi kit - Written April ‘07

Summary: dyno runs for GT1000 all std and fitted with DP muffler, air box and ECU kit with and without baffles.

There were a couple of things about the GT1000 that stood out from my first ride.  One was that the seat was very high – much higher than I expected.  I’m 6’ and my feet weren’t flat on the ground.  Second was that it ran somewhat poorly down low – getting away from a standing start and cruising at 60 km/h were two things that really annoyed me.  Thirdly, it was surprisingly slow (for a 1000DS anyway).

We fitted the DP kit, along with a 14 tooth front sprocket, and headed back to the dyno.  The ride showed points 2 and 3 to be dealt with nicely.  From the set off the bike was much nicer down low.  Of all the 1000DS closed loop bikes I’ve ridden in std trim (S2R 1000, Sport 1000 and GT1000), this one was by far the worst in terms of displaying the typical surging, banging and popping symptoms of closed loop operation.  With the DP kit open loop ECU fitted it was just so nice down low you’d think you were on a different bike.  Overall for me, it made the bike much more pleasant to ride.

When the road opened and the speed limit lifted I gave it a WOT run through second and third gear.  Compared to how it had been all std (even considering the 14 tooth front sprocket) it was much more lively and faster.  The riding position certainly unloads the front compared to a Sport though – it shook the bars quite a bit as I accelerated over a fairly rough piece of road and lifted the wheel a little in second.

In fact I’d almost say it was a bit too responsive, but that’s just because I’m not used to the lighter throttle action these bikes have with the push/pull cable setup.  Compared to Minnie the 750’d 600M with her throttle cables in need of replacement (typical I know), the GT1000 throttle (along with most other bikes in fact) is much lighter and caught me somewhat unawares when I opened it a bit too quickly while thinking about something else.  But you get that when you’re not concentrating.

I did dyno runs with and without the baffles fitted.  Compared to the S4Rs baffles, the ones in the GT mufflers are much longer and smaller OD with a few holes down at the end.  On the road I’d almost say it’s quieter with them fitted than the std mufflers.  You get a little more noise from the open air box lid, but not a huge amount.  The dyno confirmed their impact, although the bike did still feel much better with the baffles in than all std.  But there I’d expect the DP ECU and 14 tooth front sprocket to be far more influential.

The first graph is power, then torque and air/fuel.  Green is all std.  Red is with the DP kit and no baffles.  Blue is with the DP kit and baffles fitted.

As you can see, the torque increase below 6,000 RPM with the DP kit and no baffles is substantial, and you really notice it on the road.  Fitting the baffles takes away that gain almost completely, but still helps the top end.  The speed versus time graph below shows the effect in roller acceleration of the combined mods, being very much what you feel on the road.

The final graph is a comparison with other 1000DS models I’ve run on the dyno.  All graphs are for exhausts of some sort, airbox mods and tuning.  Green is this GT1000, red is the Sport 1000 with Zards, blue is the S2R with Staintunes and Moto One header pipe and yellow is the best of the 1000SS with Staintune slip ons.  Given all these engines are internally the same, I’m not sure why the outputs vary so much.

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