The powerhouse of the BMW family, these things are amazingly fast, even without considering their weight and BMW's past offerings. Smooth, docile and very deceiving with the std exhaust. I have ridden one of these around a race track and found myself into the rev limiter more than once.

Many owners are choosing to fit Staintune systems, mainly for the noise it brings I would believe.

The results shown below can be interpreted either way depending on the answer you want. With so much power on tap, and increased response, the apparent loss of power below 5,000 RPM shown would be hard to pick. The variation in the dyno curves for each configuration ( three curves for each showing noticeable differences ) make an accurate assessment difficult. The owner of this bike wouldn't have it back to standard, which is the most telling conclusion. The 125 hp top end is also fairly impressive.

The std curve is in green, the Staintune curve in red. Remapping the fuel curves may improve the power at larger throttle openings. These bikes run closed loop at low throttle openings, like the R1100S and R1150 GS, meaning the fuel mixture under most normal riding conditions will be the same.

(dyno graph courtesy of DYNOBIKE, (03) 9553 0018)

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