Performance Reports

The technical reports, including all those previously published on the Moto One site.

The reports you find here are written from work I have done on customer bikes (and demo bikes) here at Brad The Bike Boy or while previously at Moto One, and my own bikes.  Currently they are a Ducati ’89 851, ’97 600m with 750 engine and ’93 400SS, and previously Moto Guzzi Sport 1100i, BMW R1100S and R1150R, Ducati 888, 900M and ST2.  I never bothered to dyno the Guzzi Eldorado (GT850) and the mighty KR1S 250 is not really relevant, although it did make 50 Hp.

To see reports for a particular model of bike, choose from the list below.  The index starts with some general engine management info, then Aprilia, followed by Ducati, Bimota, BMW, Moto Guzzi and MV Agusta.  There’s a quick jump menu below.

Given I tend to post a lot of stuff on my blog these days without writing actual reports due to the time the reports often take, I have added some “collected blog post” reports at the beginning of each section or sub section.  For example, this way all the blog posts on FCR carbs fitted to 2V Ducatis can be found much easier than trolling aimlessly through the blog.  Which always frustrates me.

Past them towards the bottom of the index there are a couple of (now quite old) reports detailing the way I dyno test and tune bikes and how this relates to the result the owner will feel.  All the dyno work I do is carried out at Dynobike in Moorabbin and the SAE correction factor is used for all published dyno runs.

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