BMW R1100S STAINTUNE (Updated)

The first curves for my new bike ( June 2000 ). The graph below shows std bike ( green ) against a Staintune exhaust system and FIM eprom ( red ). Otherwise the bike is still std. . This is a before and after for this particular bike on this particular dyno, remember. I’m sure the result is not as big as many people were expecting. Those people should see what I had to go through to improve the peak power of my Guzzi Sport 1100. It just shows that the BMW muffler is very good at what BMW made it for. A nice increase in throttle response is included, just not shown on a dyno sheet.

(dyno graph courtesy of DYNOBIKE, (03) 9553 0018)

*** The FIM eprom for the Staintune exhaust is NOW available, at a cost of $240 including GST.

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