An exhaust which is now becoming fairly freely available, the VANDERLINDE comes from South Africa, from a man who has been part of both BMW South Africa and BMW Motorsport. This explains his access to the required info to program a new chip.

The graph below compares one of our customers bikes fitted with the VANDERLINDE exhaust and chip ( blue ) with my R1100S fitted with the STAINTUNE and FIM chip ( red ). The bottom scale is road speed only, which may not be entirely accurate in a comparison sense. The road speed to engine rev relationship depends on the rear tyre type, size and wear, and the bikes position on the dyno roller. If we move one of the graphs either left or right, even just a little, the comparison can change markedly.

So, this graph is an indication only. The big dip in the middle has me a little confused also. Paul, the owner, doesn’t feel this when riding, so it may be an anomally caused by the fuel mixture as it happened on this dyno. Some of the runs I have made on my bike when it was running the standard chip show this characteristic at similar engine speed, so it may have to do with the mapping. Duane ( FIM ) may have done something that works a little differently ( just like Duane ) in the dynamic situation.

In any case, it would appear that the VANDERLINDE claim of 77 kW up from 73 kW std is entirely justifiable, as this bike would have had around 92 Hp std, and now shows 98 Hp. It also shows that in an on road situation, the performance difference between the two would be very small. From my experience, the STAINTUNE is probably a little louder.

I have ridden this bike since the above was done. At this stage, my bike was running the INDUC/STAINTUNE setup, so the comparison in my memory wasn’t exactly fair. Anyway, the VANDERLINDE bike felt very good compared to a standard bike, just a little flat and unresponsive compared to mine.

Dyno graph courtesy of DYNOBIKE (03) 9553 0018

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