S4R With Moto One Cat Eliminator - Written Feb ‘06

A short report with a graph for a S4R with our new cat eliminator header set (see the S2R report for photos).  I haven’t had the chance to do any in depth tuning as yet like that of the S2R, but I thought I’d put up a graph.  The graph itself is quite interesting in comparison to the S2R as they’re not at all alike.

This S4R was fitted with a Termi “2 on the Right” kit.  I dynod it as such then removed the cat and fitted our header.  Cam timing is as delivered.  The power curve shows some gains in the midrange, but nothing major.  No dips or losses though, which is nice.  Green is before, red after.  I haven’t shown the air/fuel curve as I’m not convinced it’s any good – the after run is richer than the before run, indicating it’s moving less air while making more power.  This doesn’t make sense to me, so I suspect the before run is bad.

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