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I am always happy to answer questions via email.  But, you might not always receive a prompt reply.  This can be due to many reasons: how many emails I receive that day (can be 30 or 40) and therefore how far down the page your email sits, how busy I am at work or after hours, how interesting your email is, how many questions you ask and how much time I need to spend thinking or typing to give you an appropriate reply.

If I don’t answer don’t be afraid to resend.  I’m not trying to be rude.  The answer you receive may be brief and rather to the point, which is generally just a time saving device on my behalf.

Phone: 0408 095 595


Street Address:
2B King Street,
Victoria 3166

Monday to Friday:
8.30am to 5.30pm

How To Find Me

2B King Street is one of a group of 6 factories with orangey doors at the Connell Road end of King Street, being the second from Connell Road.  They are called 2A – 2F because there is also a 2 King Street further up, and this block would originally have been 36 Connell Road.

Look for the sign on the door.  Or call me and I’ll wander out into the middle of the street and wave at you while you’re standing out the front of Guardian Fencing.

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